Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy Time

A very busy time lately! Surprising, because normally the Winter and Spring are nice peaceful head-down working-in-the-studio seasons.

Did a dinnerware order - several smaller orders - studio tour in March (went well) - Easter Market at the end of March - also went well but quieter than usual - now a rush to get stuff made for the start of the Market season in early May. Add in several group events such as postponed Christmas potlucks, two family birthdays and my local arts society's Mini Conference, and you can see why I'm going to have to hustle to get my income tax done in time. Not that I do it, I have a great retired accountant who does the actual work, but I have to get my records together and organized.

The Mini Conference was something any creative person in the Ottawa area might be interested in. We had some great speakers, a fab lunch, even background music! And of course, lots of discussion. I hate that word 'networking' but I guess that is what you'd call it. Me, I don't 'network'. I 'talk and listen to people'. 'Networking' makes it sound like we are machines and I do not want to be a machine.

I've put a link in the sidebar to the West Carleton Arts Society. The info about next year's Mini-Conf will be up soon and you might want to consider it for next year. A nice boost to your creativity, encouragement, and new friends, can't lose by that.

Speaking of creativity, I'm dreaming up some new projects and I'm wondering what new ideas you might be considering. Anybody want to kick off a discussion by leaving a comment? I'd love to hear your plans!