Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Catching Up

Can hardly believe I haven't posted for so long... must have been busy! Let's catch up.

January, well, January was there. Not too sure what I did, shoveled snow, made stews and soups for dinners, tried to organize my paperwork...

February, shoveled snow, made soups and stews, tried to organize my pottery year.

March, shoveled snow, contemplated salads, made pots for the Maple Run Studio Tour and the Easter Market in April.

April, did the Tour (went very well, thank you to everyone who came and the organizers who did a fantastic job, you guys rock) and the Easter Market in Carp. Also went well although the space I was given had me stumped for a few minutes. Luckily a neighbouring vendor had a good idea and I put together the world's first V-shaped display booth. Having a pillar smack dab in the middle of my space forced creativity! It worked and again a big grateful 'thank you' to the organizers and our customers. Went home and shoveled snow.

May. So far, practically no snow, but dreadful floods in the Valley. So much rain and snow melting up north that the Ottawa River and it's tributaries rose to 100-year levels. I feel very sorry to all the people affected. I know houses and possessions are only things, but when you've worked hard to get them and keep them nice it's heart breaking to lose them like that. Water levels are now falling and soon the clean up can begin. I really would rather shovel snow.

So. I've been working hard in the Studio the last month or so, making what I think of as Spring pots. Pansies, tulips, Bird designs. I didn't get to making any Bird pieces before the Maple Run Tour, so I told anybody who asked that Bird had gone South and wasn't back yet. Now they're back, and when the Carp Market opens this Saturday, there will be lots of Bird pots!
collage of pottery
I'm looking forward to seeing my booth at the Carp Farmers' Market this Saturday. I've made and collected a bunch of things to decorate for Mother's Day:  cards, pillows, things-painted-turquoise and a fabulous turquoise chair. It should be a fine day!

And no snow.