Friday, February 12, 2016

An Entertainment of a Different Colour

Sometimes you just need a break! So when I was invited by the organizer, who saw and liked my Bonsai pots, to participate in a new event called Seedy Saturday here in Almonte a week Saturday (ie, Feb. 20), I was interested but had to tell her I didn't have any Bonsai pots.

After some discussion, she agreed I could sell my notecards and promote Native Plants. In my other life, I'm a native plant nut, so my eyes lit up and the wheels began to turn and well, the rest of the week is now history.

 I've been making photo notecards every afternoon for a week now. My mousing hand has developed a squeak, my printer is overheated, my paper cutter is exhausted, and I quite forgot that today is Loyal Husband's birthday.

time out:
  Happy Birthday, Dear!  
time back in.

I figured it would be a piece of cake, how hard could it be, etc. etc. Turns out, not hard, but time-consuming! First I had to go shopping (in the world of making stuff, invention usually leads to necessity, ie., shopping), then I had to find the images I wanted among the 35,000+ on my computer, then I had to edit each one, print it, glue it on a card, stick the card plus its envelope into a plastic sleeve, then make a poster for my table... oy. Not to mention agonizing over every little detail. I still haven't decided what colour of tablecloth to use on my table... hmmm, could lead to more shopping.

Here are some cards in progress:
native plant images on notecards
Today I covered the salt dishes I've been making in the studio in plastic and devoted the entire day to making a sign for my table. Cut & paste, yep. And to think I once decided not to become a school teacher because the college told me to report for class with scissors and glue. My younger and not-yet-wiser self was horrified. I wanted to mold small minds, not glue things. Such youth!

But what the heck, it's February. Grab your boots

                                         and head on over to Seedy Saturday                          
 Make sure you come to my table to see my non-seeds and admire my gluing expertise!