Sunday, August 20, 2017

How's It Going With The Puppy?

She asked. Well, I said, let me tell you.

I've said 'No, Rosie', 798 times. In the last 3 days.

A kind friend is giving me a new duvet. I'm passing the stuffing from the  old one on to someone who makes dolls and uses a lot of stuffing. The damage was beyond stitching together and even patching looked dicey. All because Cat was on the bed, hissing.

She thinks her name is 'Rosie, bad dog'.

She's learned how to play fetch, that is, she's taught me to throw and she fetches. Then she won't let go and we have to tug-of-war. Have you ever played tug-of-war with a squeaky dog toy covered in slimy dog slobber?

The tennis ball, which flew through the air much better than a stuffed toy, is currently lost somewhere in the garden. It was very popular for a while, but then she ran off with it and I haven't seen it since. Only place I haven't checked for it is the pond...

Many plants have been successfully re-planted and will recover. There are holes ready for many more. It's my own fault for confidently telling someone, 'Oh, no, Border Collies don't dig.'

She obeys simple commands like 'sit' and 'go to bed' and 'out' very nicely, if you have a milk bone in your pocket. I learned this right after confidently telling the vet that Border Collies aren't food oriented and respond better to praise.

She much prefers cat food to dog food. The cat does not appreciate this. Speaking of food, she's learned to jump up and see what is on the counter. This explains what happened to my sandwich while I was at the sink getting a glass of water.

She's learned to throw her toys up in the air and catch them on the way down. Unless, of course, they land in the frying pan while I'm making dinner.

Border Collies aren't big swimmers, either. Which must be why I've had to fish her out of the pond about 6 times so far. She can leap in, but she can't climb out because the water is lower than the rocks that edge the pond. I'm planning on installing a ladder. Like a fish ladder, but for dogs.

Never get in the way of a puppy who is racing around and around the work table in the Studio with a stick in her mouth. Especially not if it is a large stick.

I didn't like those red garden clogs anyway.

Rosie inspecting a cactus... carefully. Good Girl!
So, how is it going? Well, I haven't laughed this much in years!