Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back to the Studio

Back to Work

Ah, back to work. I've been busy doing other important things, like resting, doing some accounting, reading, resting, cooking, planning my Studio events, resting and such, but finally yesterday I wedged up some clay and threw a few pots. One good thing about me, once I'm started on something I do tend to keep going, so tomorrow it is full steam ahead.

Right after I take Loyal Husband to his clinic appointment, visit my dentist to get that new crown glued back on, take the truck to get the wheels aligned (third time since last January, is there a trend here?) and pick up a few groceries. As it says in my blog's sub-heading, 'living the life of a potter' and sometimes that is more 'life' than 'potter'.

Clay Sundays

I'm planning a couple of Clay Sundays here next month. Check out the Events box for details, but basically, on Feb. 8 anyone who lives close enough to the Studio and feels like it is invited to come and make something out of clay. Pinch a pot, flatten a slab, carve a whatever, model, sculpt, even try the wheel if you want. Then the next Sunday, the 15th., you are invited to come and decorate your pieces. Totally free, but do please let me know you are coming as the space is limited.

Fantasy In The Forest Art Show

My work was accepted into this show! Whoo hoo - I'm going to have lots of Fairy Houses, doors, ladders, stepping stones and other really small Fantasy things for sale - the little girl in me is quite excited! That is in July, the 18th and 19th, somewhere north of Kingston. Don't really know just where, but I'll find it. Check them out on Facebook!

Meanwhile, let the mud begin!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Free! Free! Free!

Drum roll, please!

Actually, wait a second. First: Happy New Year to everybody!

Now, drum roll, please!

The New, Unabridged, Guaranteed Official Smartass calender is ready!!!!

Pretty exciting, huh? It took me a certain amount of dedicated office time to create.... translation, I spent a $#@#@ week stuck at the computer struggling to get Smartass to lay down a good track, whining about every little thing, drinking copious glasses of vino, annoying spousal units with frequent demands for reassurance.... and other stuff like that, but, I got 'er done, folks!

There are 3, count 'em, 3, copies to give away to Alert Readers.  All you have to do is send me an email with your mailing addy (hint, click on 'an email' in the line above) and the first 3 will get an Official yada yada by return mail.

How sweet is that!

Meanwhile, have a Happy New Years!