Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Bird Walkin'

colourful Bird design tableware in stoneware potteryI've been busy making stuff for the Carp Farmers' Market which will be opening soon (May 9 in fact) and I plan to have some Bird mugs, bowls and plates.

To me, this is a Blackbird, hopping around on the ground looking for whatever he can find. Since it is Spring, I've given him some large flowers to hop under, lots of little seedlings and even some snow drifting down.

The bird is just a little cut-out slab attached when the clay is leather-hard. The only tricky bit is where he sticks up above the rim, where I add a little blob of clay to support his head and to make the rim smooth and even.

Here is a finished mug:

Now to make bowls!