Tuesday, May 12, 2020

New! Children's Dishes

I've had fun lately making a series of Children's dishes. Each set is a plate, a soup bowl, a cereal bowl and a mug and all of the pieces are small to suit a small child. The decorations are a Speckled Hen, a Curious Bear, a Leaping Bunny and a Zebra-striped Fish. Sets are $55, tax included.

Great gifts for the 2-6 year-olds in your life!

handmade hand painted pottery children's dishes
I've posted the info on my Facebook page, but you can also order through from here by sending me an email. There are only a few of each set, so you'll have to decide quickly!

Once I confirm your order, we can work out how we'll get it to you. I can deliver if you are in my area, or I can mail it, or you can come to the Studio to pick it up (safely).

Meanwhile, Stay well!