Monday, November 14, 2011


Some days are just not meant to be good for your self-esteem.

The phone rang early this morning. A small shop in a neighbouring village. Back in about August, she had asked me to show her some pots to possibly display in her store. I brought a selection and put them out for her to look at but she was in a big rush. The Red Fox pattern she dismissed immediately, 'nobody likes brown'. The Wild Garden designs she ignored. She liked the blue-and-white spongeware. We agreed I would fill up a maple hutch with b&w stuff.

I did.

Now she tells me she hasn't sold anything, nobody likes spongeware, too 'country', they want something more 'upscale' and 'with it'. She wants Red Fox.

Ok. Rewind.

Then a sweet young mom with two impossibly cute little girls came to pick up her Bird design hors d'oevres platter. 'Oh', she says, 'it was supposed to be fish-shaped.' Rapid memory scan. Nope. She never mentioned that. I sent her a picture of the finished platter, she did not email back that it was supposed to be a fish..... She had asked about my fish platters (saw them on my website) but I never connected the two. Luckily, she said she'd be back in February so I can still do it. A fish-shaped platter with black birds on it. Could be fun!

It's only 7 pm. What else is going to whap me upside the head today?

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