Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter's Back!

Yes, Winter is back! It's snowing like the dickens out there:

As you can see, driving will be a challenge for a day or two!

Which is sort of too bad, as the steering on truck has just been fixed and it's 'right' again and I'm itching to go someplace.....

But the snow does calm me down and get my mind back into the Studio. All this past week it has been so Spring-like my head was buzzing with thoughts of seeds, garden projects, trail work ideas, everything BUT work. And there's plenty of that in hand, with the Maple Run Studio Tour fast approaching, a new order to start on, the Easter Market not so far off....

And now that the Raven stuff is done, I'm full of ideas about pots decorated with spring wildflowers, and, at the same time, plain blue pots in that fantastic new blue glaze that I'm ready to test on real pots. The Ravens turned out pretty well, I think:

The big guy has a bit of a skittish look to him, but I like his fuzzy tail feathers.

There were two ravens in the big pine behind the house the other day. They sat there and watched me put the garbage bags in the truck, commenting hoarsely as ravens will, and then I guess they followed me to the road as I had quite a mess to clean up later.

Wildflowers are much better behaved!

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