Friday, May 17, 2013

Coming Up for Air

That's kind of what I feel like now, like I'm coming up for air! I've worked hard the last couple of months and made lots of pots, including some substantial orders, and now I feel like I can coast for a little while and do some gardening.

The Carp Farmers' Market is open again, the Maple Run Studio Tour is over and went well, I've got pots in a couple of stores for the season..... life is sweet.

Here's a picture of the Maple Syrup Jugs I made for the Tour and the first few weeks of the Market:

The pancakes look pretty good, too, eh!

Then I made some Asparagus dishes and small jugs for the Market opening:

Of course the name is a pun - but I figure you can serve asparagus very nicely on these. You can put the dishes in the oven and warm them before putting the asparagus on, and keep them a bit warmer at the table. Asparagus cools so fast! And of course you need lots of Hollandaise sauce to go with it....

Happy Long Weekend! I hope yours has some asparagus and Hollandaise in it!

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