Friday, August 30, 2013

Butter Dishes

Made a nice batch of butter dishes. I glazed them in solid colours, except for the 'Bird' design ones - some pale green, some yellow, some turquoise, some medium blue, some deep indigo blue. I played with the handles and made strap handles, bird handles, loopy handles.... striped and dotted ones. Lots of fun!

Taking the photo to show one of them on my Facebook page (Pine Ridge Studio is on Facebook) was difficult. I just couldn't get it to look like much. Luckily my friend Janice happened by with a lovely gift of ripe tomatoes from her garden and I grabbed her. Her painter's eye quickly zeroed in on using the darker areas of the image to create a dynamic composition.

Notice the neat triangle made by the bird, the dark vase, and the butter knife. Thank you, Janice!

Now, just don't ask me why flowers because I don't know. I just thought they would look fresh with the butter and I think of breakfast, which is when I like butter on my toast, as a fresh time of day.

And no dots, you'll notice.

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