Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shaw Woods Mugs

Spent a large part of last week decorating some mugs for the Shaw Woods. They are having an open day next Sunday, Oct. 6, with guided hikes, workshops, information and some fund-raising items. And some of those will be my mugs!

I worked hard at painting them, holding my (metaphorical) breath on the subject of DOTS.

My pots look so nice when they are painted and before they are fired! I almost don't want to fire them. Of course they look soft and 'dusty' and pale.... but full of hope.

Happily, sometimes they come out of the firing still looking good!

And no dots, whew.

P.S. You can get more info about the Shaw Woods, and register for one of the public hikes, at their website. If you are in the area (Ottawa), come out and enjoy a great day in a special place. And maybe you'll see my mugs there!

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