Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn Leaves

One of the things I've been busy with in the Studio has been pottery decorated with autumn leaves. Every fall I get an attack of leaves - they are so gorgeous outside that I have to go in and paint them on pots.  I use a stencil for the outlines of some of the leaves, but all the small details and the other smaller leaves are done freehand with a brush. Here are some serving platters, arranged (not intentionally) to look a bit like an old-fashioned hopscotch game:

"Autumn Leaves' platters

The hardest thing is to arrange the leaves randomly. I want a 'fallen on the ground' sort of look, but it is fatally easy to start to arrange the design elements logically. I have to watch myself!

These platters vary in size from about 8" to about 15". You could use them for any number of things: bread, cake, cookies.... fresh veggies.... a roast surrounded by potatoes and carrots.... a broiled salmon.... oooh, getting hungry.

Speaking of which, I made a couple of large plates with small bowls for veggies and dips. I left the bowl loose, which I think is more flexible and makes it easier to store and to wash the platter, but a nickel says customers will ask for plates with the bowl attached. I'll make a few like that next week, and we'll see which ones sell first.

"Autumn Leaves" Vegetables and Dip platter

Christmas Stars

I also had some fun painting some stars. They make a nifty garland or tree decoration, or just look fun lying on a table between the food dishes.

My first plan had been to give them touches of gold, but I like the white better.

Rustic, that's what they are. Rustic.

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