Monday, January 2, 2012

Be It Resolved:

Yes, New Year's resolutions can be deadly. Especially other people's. But I can't resist. In the interest of making 2012 the best it can be, I hereby declare that:

1. From now on, 3 or 4 weeks behind will be the 'new normal'.

2. I will stop feeling embarassed and looking around to see if anybody noticed when I run over a curb in one of those parking lots designed for Mickey Mouse cars. I am driving an intermediate-size pickup, darn it. I will instead look like I'm proud to have turned so tight a corner.

3. First Husband is retiring this summer. He is going to have plenty of time to pursue interests he never knew he had: cooking, shopping, laundry......

4. I will stop procrastinating. If you think I've already failed on that one, go back and read #1.

5. I'll finally make that bowl with the cut-down rim for Siobhan. Her broken one has been sitting on the shelf in the Studio for (yikes) 3 years now. She did say 'no hurry'.

6. I am going to teach Kip (First Dog) to enjoy riding in the truck. I don't know how because it is impossible to drive with a large Border Collie trying to sit on your head, but I'll think of something.Maybe First Husband will have to come along. Then Kip will only be trying to sit on my head half the time, and I can drive the other half of the time. Wherever we go, we'll get halfway there.

7. I am going to finish off some of the multitudinous buckets of random glaze that are clogging up the space under the counters in the Studio. I used some last year for vases, planters and so on, but then didn't I go mix up more new ones. Super Helper is getting really tired of mixing up buckets of glaze just so I can dip one bowl. Any customer who asks for a colour I don't have will be persuaded that she would really rather have it in blue.

8. I will blog regularly. 'Way more fun than housework.

9. No more doing the crazy woman dance when the recycling truck barrels on by just as I get to the end of my driveway. I will be calm. I will calmly look around at the scenery. I will calmly turn the truck around and calmly drive back to the house. I will calmly put the recycling back in the garage. Then I will NOT kick First Dog, yell at First Husband or otherwise show my true colours. I will remember #1 above.

Yes, 2012 will be a good year!

Hope yours is too!

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