Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More About Christmas At Pine Ridge

My other two guests at my Christmas At Pine Ridge sale are Martha Fraser and Renee McMeeken.

Martha will be bringing some of her paintings and a selection of her special hand made soaps. I'll let her tell you about her soaps:
 "I began making soap because my own skin needed special attention. I researched the subject of soap making, and became very interested in the properties and benefits of the
different vegetable oils and plant-derived essential oils and how they act in the soap making process. This led me 
to many years of experimenting with various oil combinations.
Currently I use pure essential oils for their subtle natural scent and their healthy benefits to the skin. Some of my soaps also include aloe vera distillate, making them even more soothing to your skin. All my soaps give a soft creamy lather and are gentle on your skin."
But the soap making is only one of Martha's talents! She will also be showing some of her paintings. I love her paintings, full of grace and mystery..... if only I had more wall space.....

Renee McMeeken will add a little bling to our Christmas sale! She makes amazing jewelry out of beads and other goodies. Here's a necklace, very striking in its simple colours:
Wouldn't that be the perfect finishing touch to that perfect Christmas outfit? 

And pottery? Well, there will be some..... ok, there will be lots! All of it at 50% off, and some as seconds at $1 each. There is quite a lot of my Red Fox design still available, which looks like this:
 We all hope you come to our sale! Bring a friend or two.... your favourite Mom..... your dog.... no, leave the dog at home.  But do come!

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